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Professional Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to being listed on the directory?

No. The listing is free. There is no fee if you receive a referral. Physicians are not charged for using The directory is free to all users. Clinic information is not resold. The goal of the directory is to provide an efficient means for physicians to find clinics and departments offering Isokinetic Testing.

Is there a specific test protocol?

No. The test protocol is up to the referring physician and/or the test site.

What type of test report or performance results need to be generated?

The Isokinetic Test Report should include an overlay of the Torque Curves for easy visual comparison. Measured parameters should include Peak Torque, Work, Range-of-Motion and related involved-to-uninvolved side deficits.

How will insurance reimbursement work if the patient is already being treated at another facility?

Follow your typical insurance reimbursement procedures.

Will there be any consequences if I cannot perform the services requested?

No. However if you cannot perform a service the referring physician should be contacted immediately so another test facility can be located. Also, if you no longer offer Isokinetic Testing please contact to be removed from the directory.

What if I do not think the requested test is appropriate for the patient/individual?

It is up to the test facility to make the final decision if a patient is ready for an Isokinetic Test. If the answer is no, the test should be not performed, and the referring physician should be updated.